Activity Shell Beach

This small area of Pismo Beach is a must see on a trip through the Central Coast.

When you look for it on a map, Shell Beach may be hard to find. That’s because it’s a neighborhood in the city of Pismo Beach. There are nine separate beaches tucked below the cliffs of Shell Beach. They are in scenic coves below steep bluffs. Some have clean grass parks on the bluff tops and most have tide pools that are exposed at low tides. Many of the Shell Beach beaches are quite small at high tide, but they provide the perfect private beaches for those willing to take the trek down the bluffs. A popular beach is Spyglass Park. To get here, turn onto Spyglass Drive from Shell Beach Road north of downtown Pismo Beach. It can be a challenging venture down the bluffs, and at high tide it can be hard to get to the sandy beach, but it provides an amazing scenic view from above as well. However, Elmer Ross Beach is a bit easier to access. With free parking found at Dinosaur Caves Park nearby, it is just a short walk along Price Street to the hotel and down to Elmer Ross Beach.

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