Activity Ragged Point Beach

The beach is rather exotic with the black sand and natural beauty.

Ragged Point Beach is just north of Ragged Point, which is about seven miles north of the Piedras Blancas Light Station. There is one accessible trail to Ragged Point Beach at the base of the cliffs. This trail, called Ragged Point Cliffside Trail, is a strenuous 0.6-mile trail to a black sand beach, located on the edge of the Ragged Point property. At the trailhead is a Private Property sign for the Hearst Corporation explaining their rules. This hike provides great views of our 300-foot Black Swift Falls for much of the year, views of the incredible beach below, as well as the ever-changing views of the cliffs to the north. 1.8 miles north of the Ragged Point Beach Trailhead is the Raged Point Inn, which is also a great place to stay to experience their deluxe cliff-side rooms.

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