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A charming and quirky homestead for lively Central Coast arts and culture, the town of Harmony has long been a regional staple.

Once serving as the capital of the region’s dairy production for nearly half a century, Harmony has since evolved into a haven for the arts and local fare, playing host to working artisans and galleries. Taking great care to preserve Harmony’s signature quirk and charm, renovations and site improvements currently underway will once again position Harmony as a must-stop destination for both local residents and tourists alike.

Harmony’s well-known Chapel and lush surrounding gardens are available to host everything from weddings and large gatherings to casual picnics, year-round.

For more information about Harmony, including details on how to rent the town for an upcoming event, whether in part or in its entirety, please contact

  • Beautiful sunsets in Harmony are just one of the great things about this special place
  • A view of the beautiful Harmony valley
  • Harmony Cellars, a great gathering place for locals
  • Town of Harmony


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Quick Facts

Originally established by Swiss dairymen as a creamery in 1869, Harmony is now a charming village with a population of 18, just six miles south of Cambria.

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